Many Small-Scale Indian Farmers are Prospering by Growing Moringa

Small Scale Farmers Prosper with Moringa

Small-Scale Farmers Prosper with Moringa

Moringa, a drought tolerant tree, is allowing many small-scale farmers in India to prosper. In drought-prone areas such as Maharashtra’s Solapur district, Moringa is an ideal crop.  Some farmers are able to gross Rs 4 lakhs per acre growing Moringa and selling the drumsticks (seedpods). This is equivalent to about 6,000 USD / Acre!  Even in Maharashtra which is one of the largest, wealthiest and most developed states in India the per capita income is only $1,660 USD. This gives farmers who are interested in growing Moringa an incredible opportunity and many are taking it thanks to the low investment costs, little irrigation required and the high productivity of Moringa trees.

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Small Scale Farmers Prosper with MoringaIts 8 am on a hot morning in May and Bala Shivaji Patil’s four-acre farm in Uplai Khurd village of Maharashtra’s Solapur district is already teeming with visitors. The 30-year-old dropped out of high school to take up farming and is now known as lakhpati shetkari, the rich farmer. He is showing his guests, many from distant places, around the farm, explaining how shewga (also known as moringa or drumstick) has brought prosperity to his six-member family. It has cost him little effort, investment and little irrigation. Krishiratan, Patil’s plush two-storied house with a statue of a farmer standing atop a humble structure, is evidence of his success. “I began with two acres in 2011 and now have four acres under moringa, each acre fetching me around Rs 4 lakhs,” said Patil.

For the full article visit:Drumstick cultivation boosts farm incomes in drought-prone Solapur

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