Watch the video below for a great overview of Moringa Oleifera!

You are not alone if this is your first time hearing about Moringa oleifera. The reality is most people I have met have no knowledge of its existence. I often joke that Moringa sounds like a tree contrived by the pen of Dr. Seuss. Admittedly, when I first heard of Moringa’s nutritional profile and versatility, I was skeptical and compelled to find out the facts.

I initiated my research by contacting a soil scientist I knew from my graduate school days at the University of Hawaii. He was employed by the Center of Tropical Agriculture Research (CTAR).  After exchanging several emails, I was excited to learn that my contact not only was familiar with the Morniga oleifera tree but he had also conducted research on it. His response was positive, and he further supplied me with contacts and research papers to satisfy my initial curiosity. Since that first email, I have now acquired more than 300 journal articles, books, and resources specially addressing Moringa. You can find the collection of Moringa Oleifera articles here.

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