Moringa Recipes: How to Eat Moringa Leaves and Powder

Moringa recipes: how to eat Moringa Powder

Looking for ways to add Moringa to your diet and experience the many benefits? We’re glad you found us! This page contains some helpful tips for eating Moringa and also links to a growing list of Moringa recipes.

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Slowly Increase Your Moringa Intake Over Time

When eating Moringa powder, start by eating 1/2 tsp a day. That isn’t much powder, but Moringa is a very powerful food; and your body needs time to adjust to it. If initially taken in large quantities, it can have a detoxify effect on the body. In the second week of use, increase to 1 tsp per day and continue to slowly increase your consumption until you reach 1-2 Tbsp (3 – 6 tsp) per day. It may take you 3 – 4 weeks in total to ramp up your consumption. You will start feeling the positive effects within a couple of weeks even before you have finished ramping up your consumption.

Fresh leaves are even more nutritious than the dried powder. Also, since they are in a completely natural form, you can generally ramp up consumption of fresh leaves faster than dried powder. Start by eating approximately 1/4 cup of loose leaves. Over a total of 2 – 3 weeks, ramp up to consuming 1 – 2 cups of Moringa a day. For Moringa recipes and to learn how to eat Moringa keep reading.

Moringa Weights and Measures

 Moringa PowderMoringa Leaves
Starting Daily Intake1 0.551/4
Typical Daily Intake5 - 10 3 - 620 - 401 - 2
Equivalent Amounts53201

How to Eat Moringa Powder

EMoringa Powder: Certified Organicver wonder how to eat Moringa Powder? While you may be tempted to use Moringa powder in food that you are cooking, try to refrain from heating it for more than a few minutes. The powder will be most nutritious if consumed raw. If you want to add it to a dish you are cooking, then add the powder in the last few minutes of cooking to limit the exposure to heat. Try eating Moringa powder the following ways:

  1. Smoothies: If you love smoothies as much as we do, adding Moringa powder to your diet will be easy. Simply add the desired amount of Moringa to your smoothie each day and enjoy. Don’t be surprised if the color of your smoothie changes more than you expected!
  2. Sprinkle on food: Start to experiment when preparing different dishes. You will find you can easily sprinkle 1 tsp of powder on a plate of food, a cup of soup, or on a sandwich. Do this a few times throughout the day, and you’re set.
  3. Moringa + Water: I see a number of people who mix 1/2 tsp of Moringa powder into an 8 oz or more of water. Be sure to use a water bottle that you can shake vigorously before drinking. The powder tends to settle pretty quickly so regular shaking before taking a drink is needed.
  4. Moringa, lemon, honey, mint leaves, ginger, and ice blend: For a fresh, potent, and incredibly nutritious drink, mix as many of the above ingredients as you have in a blender and add plenty of water. How much powder you can handle vs. how much honey you need to sweeten the drink will really be a matter of personal preference. Experiment with the ratios but know these ingredients all play nice together. To add some more flavor, swap out the water for coconut milk. Ah, now that is a wonderfully refreshing drink. It’s even better when you use fresh Moringa leaves instead of Moringa powder.
  5. Moringa-butter: I couldn’t resist adding this one to the list. I am a huge fan of peanut butter and eat it nearly everyday! Instead of eating plain peanut butter on my toast, I first mix Moringa powder into the peanut butter. Since peanut butter has such a strong flavor you can really consume a lot of powder this way. I add up to 1 Tbsp in my peanut butter. It takes some practice being able to mix the powder into the peanut butter; but once you do it a few times, you’ll never want to eat plain peanut butter again. The term “Moringa-butter” was coined by my girls who regularly talk about “Moringa-butter” and enjoy it with me. This is a great way to start the day!




How to Eat Moringa Leaves 

Fresh Moringa LeavesFresh Moringa leaves have a really potent aftertaste if eaten by themselves. Seconds after first chewing them, you would argue that you could eat a big handful of leaves–then, the powerful aftertaste or burning sensation kicks in; and you realize you don’t ever want to eat a handful of plain Moringa leaves! I have watched several people do this, and it’s quite comical. But don’t worry, I am amazed at how you almost can’t taste the leaves when they are added to other food.

Take the amount of fresh leaves you want to eat in a day and put them into a bowl. At meal times, set out your bowl of leaves and add them to your food. Each day, try to empty the bowl by the end of your last meal. This is an easy way to spread out eating fresh Moringa over the course of a day.

Again, try to eat the leaves raw to get the most benefit from them. The following suggested ways of eating fresh leaves may help.

  1. Smoothies: Again, smoothies are the easiest way to consume a lot of Moringa leaves at once. I prefer adding fresh Moringa to my smoothies as I know its even more nutritious than the powder. You will find you can easily add 1 or more cups of fresh leaves to a smoothie for a super healthy drink! We make Kefir nearly everyday, and this makes a great base for Moringa smoothies. I also love adding several Tbsp of Chia seeds. The possibilities are endless!
  2. Salads and Sandwiches: Mix fresh leaves into a salad or on your sandwich, and you may hardly know you are eating Moringa leaves at all. The leaves really blend well with other foods.
  3. Soups: When you are having soups, put your bowl of Moringa on the table and keep topping your soup with leaves. Again you won’t find the flavor offensive at all, and you can get some fresh leaves in every bite.
  4. Moringa, lemon, honey, mint leaves, ginger, and ice blend: The same as stated above when using Moringa powder.
  5. Top Any Dish: Use the leaves to top nearly any dish you are eating. As long as you don’t try to eat them plain, you will really be surprised how easy it is to use your daily “bowl” of leaves.




Moringa Capsules

If you are looking for all the benefits of eating Moringa but don’t feel you are up eating powder or fresh leaves we have good news! Moringa capsules are the product for you!

EMoringa Capsulesach bottle contains 120 capsules and they are absolutely the most convenient way to consume Moringa. Start with 4 capsules per day and after 1 week increase your daily intake if you feel your body wants more. At a minimum we recommend taking 4 capsules per day. There is no maximum recommended intake as Moringa is, after all, just a food. Feel free to take the capsules with or without food any time of the day.  Consider using capsules when you just don’t have time to incorporate Moringa powder into your diet or when you are on the road.

Capsules really allow anyone to be very consistent at getting Moringa each and every day!

Daily Capsule UseEquivalent teaspoons of powderDays a 120 Capsules Will Last




Moringa Tea

Moringa Tea is another great option to get your daily Moringa. Infused with nutrients this is really a convenient way to get many Moringa benefits. Unlike the powder or leaves, there is no need to ramp up your intake over time with the tea.

You can try brew your own tea with Moringa powder using a coffee maker and fine filter. Use about 3 grams of powder per cup of tea as a starting point and adjust for your taste.




Moringa Recipes

For specific Moringa recipes please visit our Moringa Recipes page on the blog. Below are a few sample recipes.

Moringa Overnight Oats: Creamy Chocolate Coconut Peanut Swirl
Moringa Overnight Oats: Creamy Chocolate Coconut Peanut Swirl
Moringa Stuffed Mushrooms
Moringa Stuffed Mushrooms
Moringa Truffles: Healthy Chocolate Truffles
Moringa Truffles: Healthy Chocolate Truffles
Moringa Cheesy Bacon Jalapeno Corn Dip
Moringa Cheesy Bacon Jalapeno Corn Dip