Moringa Oil Solidifies

Help, I’m having trouble using my Moringa Oil!

Moringa oil is becoming increasingly popular in the cosmetic and skincare industry. Its high nutritional content makes Moringa oil excellent for skin and hair. Customers love Moringa oil and often leave reviews like the one Patty S. wrote below:

“After only a week my skin feels moisturized and the fine lines are noticeably improved. I apply it after cleansing and while my skin is still damp. It is easily absorbed and after a few minutes it is completely soaked in leaving my skin glowing without that greasy feel or look.”

In cooler temperatures, however, below 75° F, you will notice that your Moringa oil appears to turn into a solid. The pump or eye dropper may be difficult to use or may be completely unusable. This can be very frustrating but if equipped with a little knowledge you will be able to solve this problem quickly.

Our Moringa oil is cold-pressed to preserve nutrients and is unrefined, unbleached, and undeodorized. While this makes the oil packed full of nutrients your skin will love, it also means the oil will turn to a solid when the temperature drops. Just like butter or unrefined coconut oil turns solid as temperatures cool so does Moringa oil.

Moringa Oil Solidifies

When this happens, don’t worry, there is an easy fix to get your Moringa oil back to a liquid again in only a few minutes. Just turn your tap water as hot as it can get and fill a jar or bowl with the hot tap water. Place your bottle of Moringa oil in the hot water and within about 5 minutes your oil should be a translucent liquid again.

By using this quick tip you will be able to experience the benefits of Moringa oil year-round, even when the temperatures drop.

Learn more about Moringa Oil here.

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  1. I live in cold temperatures and deal with this issue daily. I just unscrew the bottle and use the inside straw as an applicator to apply where I need to moisturize and the warmth of my skin melts it perfectly as I rub it in. The best part of it is that there is no dripping while applying!

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