Moringa Seed Kit


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Moringa Seed Kit

The Moringa seed kit is perfect for the person who wants to experience growing Moringa from seed themselves. The Moringa seed kit includes PKM1 Moringa seeds, tree pots, and mycorrhizae beneficial fungi.

Planting Guidelines:

We recommend planting Moringa indoors early in the growing season. The seeds will germinate well even if the nighttime temperatures drop into the mid 40’s F.  Time to germinate at colder temperatures may take longer than at warmer temperatures, but a germination rate of 85% is still possible! Daytime temperatures over 100 ºF  don’t pose any problems! Make sure your Moringa is in a sunny place. This tree loves full sun so give it as much sun as you can! Your tree will grow very well if the average temperature is 70 ºF or higher.

The general strategy with growing Moringa outside of the tropics is to plant Moringa early in the season indoors or in a greenhouse. You can transplant your seedling outside anytime after the last frost date, but keep in mind your tree won’t really start growing outside until average daily temperatures are over 65 ºF. In fact, you really want the average daily temperature to be over 70 ºF.

Planting Instructions:

  1. Fill tree pot with a good quality organic potting mix.
    • Add up to 30% sand if you plan to leave the tree pot outside and live in an area of heavy rain fall.
    • Fill soil level to 1″ below top edge of tree pot and lightly compact soil.
  2. Water soil with about 1/2 cup of water.
  3. Press finger into center of tree pot to make about a 1″ hole.
  4. Open mycorrhizae beneficial fungi packet and sprinkle 1/2 tsp in the 1″ deep hole.
  5. Place seed in the hole, and push soil over seed to cover it.
  6. Wait 6-14 days for your seedling to emerge.
  7. If no seedling has emerged by day 14, replant.


Your Moringa tree will be able to live as a dwarf Moringa tree in the tree pot for a couple of years. Generally, however, you will want to transplant it into a larger pot or into the ground after a few months of growth.

Since speed at which Moringa grows is mainly a function of the average temperature, it is hard to say just when to transplant your tree. Careful observation will show when growth is slowing. If you see growth is slowing, it is likely time to transplant.

Additional Details

Mycorrhizae Beneficial Fungi

Mycorrhizae beneficial fungi allow for healthier, faster growing and more resistant Moringa. The beneficial fungi create a symbiotic relationship with plant roots to increase water and nutrient uptake. Use 0.5 Tbsp sprinkled into each transplant site so that the fungi will be in contact with the plant’s root zone.

Moringa Tree Pots

These tree pots measure 4″ square and are 9.5″ deep. Since these tree pots are deep, they are a perfect way to allow your Moringa to grow and develop a strong tap-root before transplanting into a larger pot or the ground.



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