Moringa Oleifera Root Stock: Plant a Mature Moringa Tree

Moringa Oleifera Root Stock: Plant a Mature Moringa Tree

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Why Buy Moringa Oleifera Root Stock From A Healthy Leaf?

It’s the Fastest way to grow Moringa

Our Moringa Oleifera Root stock is harvested from trees that have already grown 6-14′ feet tall. Before being shipped the trees are cut down leaving at least 12″ of stem. The taproot + stem is shipped bare without soil. When the root is replanted the cut stem will bud and multiple lateral stems will begin growing. It’s like having several trees from one root! If the weather is hot (average daily temperature above  75 deg F) expect to have buds and new growth with a few weeks. If it’s in the early spring or late fall expect it to take longer before you see buds and new growth appear.


You get to choose the size of root stock you would like to buy!

Roots come from the PKM1 variety of seeds

Since we use PKM1 seeds you can expect the following:

  • Increased leaf production and more uniform tree to tree growth
  • Flowering starts within 90-100 days after planting and happens twice per year
  • Early fruit-bearing with seed pods reaching edible maturity within 65 days of flowering
  • High yield of seed pods with seed pods reaching a length of 2.5 – 3.0 ft with up to 30 seeds/per pod
  • Greater uniformity of seedpod length and texture
  • Seeds contain 38 to 42 % of oil
  • Seedpods have a long shelf life in room temperature 5 to 7 days

Don’t forget to add Mycorrhizae Beneficial Fungi to your order

For healthier and faster growing and more resistant Moringa use Mycorrhizae Beneficial Fungi. The beneficial fungi create a symbiotic relationship with plant roots to increase water and nutrient uptake. When you add a large pack to your root stock order you will save nearly 20% off the normal price of Mycorrhizae Beneficial Fungi! Empty the package into the planting site so it will come into contact with the roots when roots are planted.

Growing Notes

A heavy frost will kill tender above ground growth and a freeze can kill the tree completely if it the roots are unprotected. If you live in a milder climate consider protecting your tree by placing straw around the base to insulate the roots.

Moringa grows incredibly fast when the average temperature is above 70 deg. F and Moringa loves full sun.

In colder climates keep the trees inside in the winter and enjoy the rapid growth through the summer. Moringa Oleifera Root Stock is simply the fastest way to grow a Moringa tree. Order yours today!


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