Moringa Capsules Made With 100% Pure Certified Organic Moringa


Moringa Capsules Made With 100% Pure Certified Organic Moringa

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Moringa Capsules Overview   Uses   Moringa Capsule Benefits   Nutritional Value   Daily Intake    Quality   Side Effects   Review Video

Moringa Capsules / Moringa Pills Overview

Moringa pills often referred to as Moringa capsules, are a great option for easily adding Moringa to your diet. We are confident we carry the best Moringa Capsules but don’t take our word for it. Read the reviews! The pills are vegan meaning they are simply vegetable capsules (not gelatin capsules). They are filled 30 Day Money Back Moringawith 100% pure Moringa leaf powder. That means all the amazing benefits of Moringa powder also apply to our Organic Moringa pills! Moringa capsules are considered and labeled as a dietary supplement.

Moringa Capsule Details:

Know all the details before you buy!

  • 120x capsules per bottle
  • 400 mg of pure leaf powder per capsule
  • Made with USDA certified Organic Moringa powder
  • The capsule size is size #0 for ease of swallowing (even my kids can swallow these capsules)
  • Vegan capsules are used
  • No fillers or flow agents are added! EVER!
  • Batch number and expiry date are clearly printed label of each bottle

One bottle of Moringa Capsules will last 30 days if you take 4x capsules (1.6 grams of Moringa) a day. We recommend at least 4x capsules a day. Some customers see a greater benefit when increasing their consumption.

Order yours today with a 30-day money back guarantee! 

Reasons for Using Organic Moringa Capsules vs. Powder

It’s commonly acknowledged that diet and nutrition play a huge role in long-term disease prevention. Eating Moringa every day is a powerful way to increase your personal health. Organic Moringa pills are the most convenient way to accomplish that goal.

  • Taste: Many people can easily incorporate the powder into their smoothies or meals but not everyone can. For those that have tried to incorporate Moringa powder into their diet and just can’t or those that don’t want to bother, Moringa pills are a great option!
  • Convenience: For those days when you don’t have time to make your favorite Moringa smoothie or dish, grab a few pills; and you are good to go! With Moringa pills you never have to go a day without Moringa again.
  • Travel: When traveling, it’s easier to grab a bottle of pills for the road than to bring along your bag of powder. When you are away from your kitchen, the pills make eating Moringa consistently a breeze.

If you are interested in buying Moringa pills, there are several things to watch out for.

What to Look for in Moringa Pills

When comparing all the different Moringa pills for sale, here are some tips to help you out.  Make sure the pills are:

  1. Pure Moringa powder with no additives or flow agents. You will be amazed at the ingredients list of many Moringa supplements. I’m serious, take a look before you buy and know exactly what you are buying.
  2. Labeled as raw food, meaning the leaves were dried at a low temperature preserving nutrients.
  3. Green in color, not brown as so many are! When is the last time you saw a Moringa tree with brown leaves?
  4. Made from USDA Certified Organic leaf powder. You don’t want to be consuming a green powder produced from leaves that were consistently sprayed with chemicals and pesticides!

Also, pay attention to the Size and Quantity of capsules. Make sure to find out the weight of each capsule and how many Moringa capsules are in each bottle before you buy.  Many times this information isn’t obvious. Look for it. Know what you are buying. You don’t want to take a single horse pill each day!


Moringa Capsule Benefits

Just like Moringa powder, there a lot of organic Moringa capsule benefits! Many use our organic Moringa capsules for the following:

Moringa Capsules May:

  • Reduce inflammation and joint pain*
  • Reduce blood sugar levels*
  • Boost the immune system*
  • Reduce blood pressure*
  • Increase energy levels*
  • Reduce cholesterol*
  • Increase libido*
  • Treat ulcers*
  • Treat or help prevent cold sores (Herpes Simplex Virus)*
  • Balance hormones and slow the effects of aging down*
  • Improve digestive health*
  • Protect against arsenic poisoning*
  • Treat and protect against liver dysfunction*

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

Moringa Capsules Nutritional Value

Did you know that in spite of our access food in abundance there is still an issue with Micronutrient Inadequacies in the US Population?

Enter Moringa!

With a list of benefits like shown above, you won’t be surprised to learn that Moringa powder is a source of over 90 nutrients! Additionally, Moringa is acclaimed for having 47 anti-oxidants and 36 anti-inflammatories! Add to that a 25% protein and a complete plant protein at that. This means it contains 18 amino acids including all 9 essential amino acids! In the case of Moringa, the synergistic effect of all these bioavailable nutrients is incredibly powerful!

This is definitely one food you want to add to your diet and take each and every day!

Think all Moringa capsules on the market are equal? Then the video review below of several leading brands is for you. You will be shocked at what you see!

Moringa Capsules Daily Intake

There is no set Moringa capsules dosage or an exact number of how many Moringa capsules you should consume each day. Remember, Moringa capsules simply contain powerful raw food. That being said, you will want to start by taking at least 4 capsules (1.6 grams of Moringa powder) daily. After a week or two, you can double your daily intake to 8 capsules a day if desired. Again, there are no rules with eating Moringa. It’s a healthy, whole food; and we love it!

Feel free to take your Moringa capsules with or without a meal.  You can take them in the morning and evening or simply take them all at once at any time of the day.

When you feel you are coming down with sickness, experiencing a lot of stress, or struggling to get the sleep as your body needs, consider taking more capsules than your normal daily amount. These are the situations where Moringa makes a tremendous difference!

Moringa Capsule Quality

At A Healthy Leaf, our Organic Moringa Capsules have the following properties:

USDA certified organic Moringa Powder:

Our Moringa oleifera leaf powder, which fills the Moringa capsules, is from Moringa grown on a USDA certified organic farm.

The drying method preserves nutrients and minimizes contamination:

After being harvested by hand, washed, and then rinsed, the Moringa leaves are placed into a dryer. The whole leaves are dried at a maximum temperature of 114 °F. Using this temperature-controlled drying facility minimizes the time it takes for the leaves to dry while still keeping the powder a raw food product. This is important for both the purity and nutrient retention of the product. Open sun drying of the leaves, for example, causes the highest level of nutrient loss while shade drying is slow and puts the product at high risk of contamination.

It’s tested for microbiological and heavy metal contamination:

The Moringa oleifera powder undergoes microbial and heavy metal testing before being packaged into our Moringa oleifera capsules. Thankfully, we are proud to report this powder is free from microbial contamination and contains less than 1% of the allowable limits for heavy metals. This powder is of very high purity and quality!

Moringa Capsules Side Effects

First, let’s be very clear.

Any information on A Healthy Leaf is given for informational purposed only. This information is not meant as medical advice or as a substitute for medical advice. This information shouldn’t be used for diagnosing or treating any disease or health issue. Having said that, here is what we can say about side effects.

Blood Thinners and Moringa

If you are on Warfarin, also known as Coumadin, to thin your blood you will want to notify your physician to discuss Moringa. Moringa just like other leafy greens contains vitamin K. Since vitamin K is used by the body to help blood clot, Moringa will limit the effectiveness of Warfarin which is used to slow the clotting of blood. After you tell your physician how much Moringa you plan on taking each day they can adjust your Warfarin prescription accordingly. This is standard practice and your Warfarin prescription is already dependant on your current diet. Besides this simple interaction with blood thinners, we don’t know of any negative side effects of Moringa — just a lot of benefits!

Moringa Capsule Review Video

Some information in this review is dated as the video was made in 2016. Almost all information is still relevant though. Also, this Moringa Capsule Review Video shows exactly what’s inside Many of Amazons Best Selling Moringa Capsules. Furthermore, after you watch the video you will know exactly what to look for when scanning the food labels of Moringa supplements. You might be rather surprised when you find out what’s inside these so-called natural Moringa supplements!

We will leave it up to you to decide which are the best Quality Moringa Capsules!

108 reviews for Moringa Capsules Made With 100% Pure Certified Organic Moringa

  1. Ann (verified owner)

    My husband and I both saw an improvement in our bowel movements by the 3rd day and
    appreciate the handiness of these capsules.

    • Gerilyn Frederick (verified owner)

      Very convienent

  2. Stephen (verified owner)

    A fresh green product unlike the smelly dead looking leaf I’ve used in the past. I appreciate small accountable companies that keep the consumer in mind.

  3. Thea (verified owner)

    I have been taking the capsules(2) twice a day for about a week and I really do feel like I have fewer aches and pain plus more energy!!! I quit taking the daily naproxen pill and I usually feel achy in places where I have had surgery (back and both shoulders) when I stop taking it. I much prefer a more natural solution for this problem and it looks like I have found it!!!

  4. Dawn (verified owner)

    My trainer recommended this product to me so I researched it. Turns out, I grew up eating this plant (Kalamungay is what we called it in Hawaii). Of course I had no idea the greatness of this plant. I’ve noticed an improvement in my overall health. Highly recommend! Thank you!

    • Carol (verified owner)

      I haven’t been taking the capsules long enough to comment on them,except i feel like they help with elimination.

  5. Vicki Fraser

    Although I have only been taking this product for a week I look forward to the health benefits it has to offer. I was impressed on the timely manner in which I received this product and the packing was beautiful.

    • Nancy (verified owner)

      I also was impressed on the timely manner in which I received the product. My son has crohns and was very ,very low on iron. He is unable to take the normal iron pills. A friend mentioned a doctor uses moringa for his crohn’s patients to help with keeping iron and other nutrients in the system. My son has been feeling so much better the last two months. We would like to try the tea down the road. My son takes one capsule a day for now.

  6. Stephen (verified owner)

    I bought this product to avoid all the nasties found in other brands. The color is vibrant and clean. I bought powder the second time around so am anticipating the arrival of my capsule maker. I’m on a budget so this is the most economical way for me. Also love the tea.

  7. Steve Doherty (verified owner)

    Great product.

  8. Susan (verified owner)

    I am half way through my second bottle of Moringa capsules and have noticed a huge improvement in my joints. Every day I would “think” about my discomfort/stiffness, but after using the first bottle, one day it occurred to me that I’d not thought about joint pain for some time. I’d not done anything different but to use the Moringa capsules. It may be doing other wonderful things for me, but this was my biggest health issue that I set out to treat with Moringa. It seems to be working. Great product!

  9. Henry (verified owner)

    looks like a good product – just starting
    going to order more

  10. Bryan (verified owner)

    I ordered this moringa and it was at my house within a few days. Exactly as described. Seems to be working as advertised.

  11. mm999hh

    لقد تم شحن المنتج بشكل سريع والمورنيجا لها فوائد كثيره وخصوصا هذا المنتج الرائع والخالي من الشوائب بعكس المنتجات الاخرى

  12. mm999hh

    The product is great and free of impurities unlike other products and was shipped as soon as possible

  13. Richard Sobocinski (verified owner)

    Just placed my second order for 3 bottles of capsules. I can’t believe how fast this stuff works and how great it makes me feel! I had been suffering with joint pain in my knees- I hated climbing (or even descending) stairs. Two days after starting with moringa caps I noticed a difference. Now I bound up and down the stairs without a thought. My energy level has increased. I never had problems with my libido but even that has improved.

  14. elease davis (verified owner)

    I think it’s a great product so far it helps with multiple conditions

  15. Janette Arnold (verified owner)

    1have been using the capsule for almost two weeks. My general welling being has improved, I feel my attention to details at work has improved and this is helping with my sore knees. I told everyone at work about it, now they are having me order bottles for them!

  16. Amber (verified owner)

    I started taking these primarily to increase breastmilk supply. I feel like these helped, and I also do notice increased energy. I have taken another brand of these in the past, and definitely prefer these. They work well and don’t have the unpleasant aftertaste I experienced with another brand. They were shipped promptly, and I was very pleased all around.

  17. Teri K. (verified owner)

    The capsules are a vibrant green color and it smells very fresh. I find the taste to be pleasant. My order arrived in a couple of days and I have only taken it for a couple of days but I forgot this morning and I felt some pain in my joints. I take 1 capsule in the morning and 1 in the evening so I remembered to take it this evening and the pain is gone. I am surprised at how quickly the capsules worked.

  18. Darnette (verified owner)

    Absolutely love them have more energy now

  19. Adela (verified owner)

    It gives me all the vitamins and minerals that I need.

  20. keeshal36 (verified owner)

    I order this product it came in the mail within 2 days My husband and I started taking these pills as they hit the table 😊😊 and can’t wait to see some results so I can order more..

  21. Stacy (verified owner)

    After researching many different Moringa companies and watching the informative video I decided to try these capsules. They are exactly as shown and promised with bright green powder inside. I have been taking them for several weeks now gradually increasing the amount and I have noticed an improvement in my joint pain and energy. I am very pleased with the product and the results so far.

  22. Karen C. (verified owner)

    Just started these but so far it seems to be helping my joint pain.

  23. Mary (verified owner)

    Very effective product

  24. Ronald Lindsay Jr. (verified owner)

    They have awesome Moringa! I use this now and stopped using my other capsules after watching a review on youtube comparing them all. I noticed a difference with my energy. And right away when they were shipped i compared the color of my previous moringa capsules to the bright lush green that “A Healthy Leaf” had. Very satisfied and will continue to buy.

  25. Jeff Crompton (verified owner)

    Always receive product moringa tablets in a timely manor. Product is high quality very pleased with Healthy Leaf.

  26. Tonya Garland (verified owner)

    My entire family uses the Moringa capsules from ages 45 down to the youngest age 8. No one gets flu shots, no one has been sick this year. My husband vision is stable. He was diagnosed with sarcoidosis which affected his eyes, per his vision appt yesterday nothing worsened. He is also a truck driver and the Moringa capsules helped his knee pain! This God send has been a blessing to our family. @ Mark Reese thank you for supplying it. In pill form

  27. Charles Cupell (verified owner)

    after watching several videos on moriga i knew i have to find a way to grow them. at least i can get the capsules, the oil in very good for dry skin and other ailments.

  28. Becca (verified owner)

    I did a lot of research before purchasing from this company, and I am so glad this is where I chose to order from. Mark has been great about communication and both my husband and I are very pleased with the Moringa. I bought the capsules but often open them and mix the powder in my smoothies. Great product!!

  29. sarah (verified owner)

    I can honestly say Moringa Capsules have not only given me more energy, boosted my immune system, and has helped my digestive system, I have stomach ulcers, so I was dealing with a lot of pain and bloating. I can also say my aches and pains with arthritis have gotten better as well!! I am so grateful that when I was researching Moringa I came upon Healthy Leaf!! Mark’s video on making sure you are getting the real Moringa powder did it for me!! Thank you Healthy Leaf!

  30. Keesha (verified owner)


  31. Eileen (verified owner)

    I have been obtaining moringa capsules from A Healthy Leaf a number of times already. So far no adverse effect on me, family members and friends. I last placed order for 12 bottles and delivery was fast since I live in the Eastern part of the globe.

  32. Veena (verified owner)

    Best I’ve tried so far

  33. Ashley (verified owner)

    Life is much better when I have Moringa. As a new mom, it gives me the energy I need and the milk supply for my beautiful chunky baby. A Healthy Leaf is the best brand of Moringa I have tried. You should definitely give them a try.

  34. Jean Fischer (verified owner)

    Got these for my 80 year young Mom (since she doesn’t do smoothies) to help with nutritional support after knee replacement surgery. She just started on them so will update with any results. Thanks!

  35. Patricia Ferguson (verified owner)

    Great energy boost in the AM!

  36. Richard S. (verified owner)

    I’ve been a customer for over a year. Within a week of taking the moringa tabs I noticed a marked decrease in joint pain. I don’t know if I can say that it cured my arthritis but I don’t have any pain in my joints and I haven’t taken ibuprofen in months.

  37. Daniel R. (verified owner)

    It really helps you relax and get a restful sleep.

  38. Serge V. (verified owner)

    I stopped using my other capsules of moringa after watching a review on youtube comparing them all…I order this product it came fast and when I opened the bottle, the moringa capsules are exactly as shown and promised with bright green powder inside and smell fresh…wow!
    I passed an other order for 3 bottles of moringa ( a healthy leaf ) product!

  39. emunji (verified owner)

    I just received my very first order after much research. I noticed that the bottle I received has no USDA ORGANIC Seal on it. I understand from the website that it is USDA ORGANIC and even watching the review he made he did mentioned having that seal is important.

    What is the reason for not having that seal? Did Healthy Leaf lost its USDA Organic Certification?

    I tried contacting but no response. Appreciate your advice on this asap before I take it.

    • Mark Reese

      Emunji,thanks for the feedback. Glad you received the product today! As it turns out there is currently a pending lawsuit between the two major companies in the USA that produce vegetarian capsules. Each were offering a USDA certified organic capsule for use in consumer products. When competition got tough each stated the competitor couldn’t claim to be USDA certified organic. Until the lawsuit is settled neither company is allowed to market their product as USDA certified organic. This of course is frustrating as the capsules are made with the same ingredients as they always have been and the powder in the capsules is the same USDA certified organic Moringa powder as it has always been. You will see the wording on the Moringa Capsule page says “Moringa Capsules: From USDA Certified Organic Moringa”. The video review is still relevant in its content and hopefully this lawsuit will be over soon, at which point, the logo will be allowed back on the capsules.




    • Mark Reese


      Thanks for your question. Unfortunatley I haven’t seen any human studies regarding this. I do know that eating Moringa roots are to be avoided at all times as they are toxic and I understand can prevent pregnancy. I have never heard of there being an issue with Moringa leaves or leaf powder though.


  41. Anonymous (verified owner)

    The Moringa capsules have been a great help for me with joint stiffness. I started with one capsule a day for a week, then increased it to two a day and that has been sufficient at this point. I’m thankful too that with so many poor quality supplements on the market, I can count on the quality of Healthy Leaf products. Plus, the additional health benefits of Moringa are great too! It is worth your time to watch the video on the website to learn more about knowing how to decider the quality of Moringa products. It’s very interesting! You’ll also be able to see the additional health benefits of Moringa as you scope out the site.

  42. Wilfred L. (verified owner)

    Easier than boiling the leaves

  43. emunji (verified owner)

    Taking it only for 3 days has already felt positive change. More energy, my brains seems to work more 🙂 and dont get hungry easily.

    Normally for the past many years after taking my veggie smoothing at 8am ill get super hungry around 10am so i have my snacks ready.

    but taking Moringa x2 in the morning will keep going till 12noon without feeling hungry…even lunch time on dont feel like eating big..something light and healthy will do.

    So far so good!!!

  44. Alberto Perez (verified owner)

    Very good service and proud of getting product

  45. Stacy N. (verified owner)

    Great customer service. They are quick to answer questions and very attentive with any ordering issues. I love the product. I have gradually increased to 4 capsules a day and have seen a decrease in overall joint pain.

  46. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Moringa is the best ever single food for your body.

  47. Mary (verified owner)

    Great product. Have made multiple order and yet to be disappointed.

  48. Alberto Perez (verified owner)

    Very good on delivering thanks

  49. Stacy (verified owner)

    Wonderful customer service. All questions are answered quickly and product is sent out immediately. The capsules have been great since I don’t do well with powders.

  50. Robert (verified owner)

    Exactly as advertised, best moringa I’ve found in terms of fresh color and definitely having positive effects on my overall health and energy… actually seems to be reversing some of the side effects of recent cancer treatment

  51. Loretta J. (verified owner)

    I believe since beginning taking these I have more energy and am more motivated to do things I want to do.

  52. Gloria Parker (verified owner)

    I’m enjoying the product. Very High Quality

  53. Carol K. (verified owner)

    High Quality moringa

  54. Carmel (verified owner)

    Thank you for your excellent service and prompt delivery. Started the product only a few days ago.

  55. Jean Fischer (verified owner)

    Great quality, great prices, fast shipping, heartfelt company…LOVE IT!!

  56. Anonymous (verified owner)

    I like this brand of moringa has this fresh moringa smell
    and taking the capsule have been effective in keeping me active all day long.

  57. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Best product

  58. Carol (verified owner)

    Boosts my energy

  59. Alberto Perez (verified owner)

    Love the service and product

  60. Melina Eck (verified owner)

    Great energy booster

  61. PRISCILLA NASCIMENTO E SILVA (verified owner)

    I will start taking Moringa next week indicated by my dietitian.

  62. Frances Lang (verified owner)

    I have been taking 2 pills a day and I have not noticed any changes in how I feel. Actually I have been slightly constipated. And I understood the pills doing the opposite. But I have only been taking the pills less than a week. Maybe I need to increase the dosage???

    • Mark Reese

      Frances, thanks for sharing your experience. Your right, typically people have a different experience than your are sharing. I would suggest you increase to 4 capsules and see how your body reacts. Most customers take 4 capsules a day and notice benefits from doing so.

  63. Debra C. (verified owner)

    After using moringa capsules for a year I have more mobility in my joints and less pain from arthritis.

  64. Anonymous (verified owner)

    This is the best Moringa! It gives me great energy.

  65. Alberto Perez (verified owner)

    Really great product

  66. JOHN PETRELLA (verified owner)

    I read about how you started your company ,super excited about it . God Bless, look foward to ordering more from you.

  67. CAROLINA (verified owner)

    First of all thank you for selling truth, raw, and organic moringa. We normally purchased our products through Amazon but this time there were so many choices of Moringa there that we didn’t know which one to buy it. I did a search in google moringa to learn how to recognize the right natural moringa and there was not much information to know about these facts. I came across to your website and watched your video how to identify the organic moringa and learned the importance of recognizing moringa by its rich green color along with its USDA certification. We are glad that we found your website to purchase the real moringa. My father is taking it daily which is helping to improve his health.

  68. Robert (verified owner)

    I’ve tried others…yours is fresher and more pure! Also I enjoy your attentive service…always super nice. Trying the seeds too! For growing and for snacking. We’ll be doing business for a long time to come… Friends are noticing how much my health has improved and I’m encouraging all to enjoy the great benefits of moringa! Your PKM-1 seeds germinate faster and there is a noticable difference in quality of the plants.

  69. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Great customer service. Love the product. It has reduced my joint pain and increased my energy.

  70. Gene Sibley (verified owner)

    Fast shipping, I will do business with them again!!!

  71. Mary (verified owner)

    Great product.

  72. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Highly Recommended!! great product

  73. Carol U. (verified owner)

    love the freshness that it has

  74. Lynette (verified owner)

    Thank you for my order of Moringa capsules I received them in good condition and quickly, I have begun taking them and will return with my experience once I have been taking them longer, the reviews were great so my expectations are high. Thx! Again

  75. Jairam (verified owner)

    Been on and only for a week. Plan to take it all winter for an immunity boost!

  76. JOHN PETRELLA (verified owner)

    awesome product .Keep up the good work. May God bless your business.

  77. Tonya Garland (verified owner)

    I didn’t order for a couple of months & my kids did get sick 🙁 never again will I allow this to happen again. This product Rocks!!

  78. Lynn Bryant (verified owner)

    The capsules were quickly delivered to my home. Excellent product!

  79. Mary (verified owner)

    Great product

  80. CHARIS (verified owner)

    Have been taking this product for over a year now with tremendous results. At age 60+, my energy level increased and by diabetes blood work results favorable. Highly recommend to people with diabetes. Have recommended to a few friends with the same favorable results. Try it. Can’t go wrong with the modest price.

  81. michelle (verified owner)

    only been a few days, will let you know in about 2 weeks

  82. Rebecca Peagler (verified owner)

    i love love love this product … i will continue to order this product … i had to return a product from another company for the moringa as it was totally non-effective and i was so disappointed … then i continued to research and found a healthy leaf … i ordered and i am soooo glad i did … i have already ordered more as i want to share with my sister and daughter … God is good and i believe He led me to this company and this moringa .

  83. Bernard H. (verified owner)

    Great product…gives me alot of energy and the Color is a good bright green as I have been told it should be… totally recommend!

  84. gary pigg (verified owner)

    After four days of taking moringa capsules, acid reflux has subsided considerably. I think in time,moringa will be the answer that I have been desperately looking for. I am so glad I found your website. Thank you very much! !

  85. Anonymous (verified owner)

    seems to give me energy

  86. Karen (verified owner)

    My order was received promptly as usual! Now taking moringa for glaucoma!

  87. Alamar Fernandez (verified owner)

    Very happy doing business with A Healthy Leaf. First they were easy to work with on my order changes & still got the Moringa Capsules & Moringa Oil to me lickity-Split!
    I started taking the capsules 4/1/
    And blending the Moringa Oil as a carrier with Oregano & Peppermint Essential Oils for topical applications on my Knees, wrists, neck, feet & upper shoulders. I am beginning to see results … less stiffness & soreness…
    I am able to bend my knees more easily as I take careful steps on my walks.
    I am expecting, ready, & willing to receive a Miracle.
    So, I will be re-ordering, Thank you!

  88. Lynn (verified owner)

    This is an excellent product that arrives quickly. I’m sleeping better and seem to have more energy.

  89. Evelyn Jordan (verified owner)

    Bowel movements are firmer/more alert, less sleepy in the day.

  90. Stephanie H. (verified owner)

    This stuff took away my joint pain that I’ve had for years in just a couple of days taking the suggested dosage. I don’t have to take pain killers anymore for it which is amazing to me. I will take this stuff for the rest of my life. It’s amazing!

  91. Joe G. (verified owner)

    Excellent product….fast delivery.

  92. margie carson (verified owner)

    The order came very quickly, is reasonably priced and though I have only used for a very short while, I am starting to have less pain.

  93. James Parsons (verified owner)

    I’ve noticed a remarkable difference since taking the morning capsules since 2018. I highly recommend this product.

  94. Jennifer K. (verified owner)

    Delivered as pictured.

  95. Robert (verified owner)

    I found A Healthy Leaf after a lot of research and trying other products. Yours is by far the best I’ve found.

  96. Craig Manship (verified owner)

    Great product pure Moringa get it here

  97. Patricia S. (verified owner)

    I was taking tumeric and ginger daily for inflammation which really didn’t seem to do very much for me. I started taking this daily and the inflammation in joints is now minamal. Very happy.

  98. NIta (verified owner)

    Very pleased with the quality of these supplements.

  99. Ernest (verified owner)

    This company called [A Healthy Leaf] Has the best line of Moringa products.The capsules are a vibrant green.The packaging is hermetically sealed to ensure freshness.I also must say the company’s owner understands the importance of customer support , We have found that working with Mark Reese has been a complete pleasure

  100. Stephanie Hartwell (verified owner)

    My once achy joints love your products and my wallet loves your pricing!

  101. Deborah N. (verified owner)

    I have been taking the Moringa capsules every morning for a week now. I’ve noticed that my arthritis pain and stiffness is diminishing. No pain meds in a week!!

  102. chuck pizzitola (verified owner)

    Very happy,..will continue to buy

  103. Grace (verified owner)

    The product was exactly what you see on the website. No deception or false information. I will be order again soon!

  104. richard s. (verified owner)

    kinda early to evaluate, i have been taking them for a few days only, but i do feel more energetic, that i can say……

  105. Richard S. (verified owner)

    Does wonders for my arthritus

  106. katalinag40 (verified owner)

    Love the green green color compared to others smells good and feels good as well

    will purchase again!

  107. Christy Nietsche (verified owner)

    Have’nt noticed a difference since taking the supplement.

  108. Celeste B. (verified owner)

    Product came quickly. Have not used that long but is noticeably helping.

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