Drumstick Vegetable / Moringa Pods: Picked Fresh and Shipped on Ice


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Our Drumstick Vegetable / Moringa Pods ship seasonally and currently aren’t available. We expect to be shipping in the next few months.

Please join the waitlist to be notified when drumsticks start shipping.

In the meantime be sure to check out our Moringa Powder and Capsules.

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Moringa pods are also known as the drumstick vegetable or just as “drumsticks”. It is the fruit / seed pod of the Moringa tree and is a favorite when making authentic Indian recipes. Since the drumstick vegetable is chock-full of minerals and nutrients you will be hard pressed to find a healthier vegetable to eat! While not quite as potent as Moringa leaves, drumsticks are easier to consume in higher quantity. When it comes to Vitamin C, just 100g of the drumstick vegetable offers nearly 250% of the daily recommended intake!

Our fresh drumstick vegetables are grown in Southern California and we stand by the quality. These drumsticks are from Moringa trees which are grown naturally and without any chemicals.  In fact, we don’t use chemical fertilizers, pesticides, insecticides, or fungicides! It’s our guarantee.

To ensure the ultimate freshness our drumstick vegetables are picked by hand and packaged on the same day they are shipped via USPS Priority Mail. The price of shipping is included in the product price and includes the box, insulated liner and ice packs.

Orders placed throughout the week, for our drumstick vegetable, will be held till the following Monday when all orders will be shipped fresh.


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