Moringa Plant: Moringa Oleifera Plant / Tree

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Moringa Plant: Moringa Oleifera Plant

Are you looking for an economical way to experience growing a Moringa plant? That’s awesome! We are so glad you have heard of Moringa and want to grow it! These Moringa plants are the perfect solution!

Each package contains Moringa plants that have been sprouted in soilless pellets. These plants were planted with the PKM1 variety of Moringa seeds for faster seed pod production and increased leaf yield.

The plants you receive will be up to 4″ tall. Upon receiving them, immediately unpack and transplant into the ground or a larger pot. Since you are transplanting a soilless pellet, transplant shock is minimized. For convenience, we offer an 8 pack of tree pots which are perfect to transplant your Moringa into as you wait for the weather to warm up! See below for more info.

Your Moringa seedlings won’t grow much though the spring if outdoors when the weather is cool, but the clock to maturing and being able to produce flowers and seed pods has started to tick. When the warm weather comes and the Moringa starts to rapidly grow, you will have a head start on being able to produce flowers and then seed pods (drumsticks). Using this technique, we are able to see our Moringa start to flower in early August with Moringa seed pods starting to grow by the end of August.

For more info visit the page: Growing Moringa and the blog post: How Fast Does Moringa Grow

Moringa Plant Add-Ons:

 1. Mycorrhizae Beneficial Fungi

Consider adding the optional 1 or 2 packs of Mycorrhizae Beneficial Fungi to your order. Use the beneficial fungi for healthier, faster growing and more resistant Moringa. The beneficial fungi create a symbiotic relationship with plant roots to increase water and nutrient uptake.

Adding 2 packs provides you enough mycorrhizae for transplanting 8 Moringa plants. Use 0.5 Tbsp sprinkled into each transplant site so that the fungi will be in contact with the plant’s root zone.

2. Moringa Tree Pots

We have included the option to add 2 or 8 large tree pots to your order. These tree pots measure 4″ square and are 9.5″ deep. Since these tree pots are deep, they are a perfect way to allow your Moringa to grow and develop a strong tap root before transplanting into a larger pot or the ground. Tree pots also ship for free when included in your order! You can leave your Moringa plant in this tree pot for over a year if needed. Tree growth will slow once the roots sense they are contained; but after transplanting, the tree will resume normal growth again.

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  1. Carsandra (verified owner)

    When my plants arrived one was damaged. I called and spoke to the owner, who assured me that he would send out another plant that day. Two days later the replacement plant arrived and he had included a second plant.

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