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I have been taking the capsules (2) twice a day for about a week and I really do feel like I have fewer aches and pains plus more energy!!! I quit taking the daily naproxen pill and I usually feel achy in places where I have had surgery (back and both shoulders) when I stop taking it. I much prefer a more natural solution for this problem and it looks like I have found it!!!

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I am half way through my second bottle of Moringa capsules and have noticed a huge improvement in my joints.
 It may be doing other wonderful things for me, but this was my biggest health issue that I set out to treat with Moringa. It seems to be working. Great product!

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Just placed my second order for 3 bottles of capsules. I can’t believe how fast this stuff works and how great it makes me feel! I had been suffering with joint pain in my knees- I hated climbing (or even descending) stairs.
Two days after starting with moringa caps I noticed a difference. Now I bound up and down the stairs without a thought. My energy level has increased. I never had problems with my libido but even that has improved.

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