moringa weight loss testimonials

Moringa Weight Loss Testimonials: Help or Hype?

Moringa Weight Loss Testimonials: Help or Hype?

Have you heard some amazing Moringa weight loss testimonials? Or Moringa weight loss reviews? Maybe you saw them on YouTube videos, websites or perhaps from a friend. If you’re like you might be asking yourself: 

  • Are the benefits of Moringa just hype made by people wanting to push Moringa products?
  • Are there any known properties that even suggest it could be useful for weight loss?
  • What are thousands of Moringa users saying about using Moringa for weight loss?

These are great questions and ones I hope you will have a good answer to by the end of this post.

Moringa May Help With Weight Loss But…

Historically, I have always stayed away from claiming Moringa helps with weight loss. And yes, I have been asked many times.

After researching Moringa for weight loss I have conceded slightly. While Moringa does not directly help with weight loss because of its nutritional benefits, weight loss can be a welcome side effect. A typical explanation can be demonstrated by this excerpt from

Weight loss is not a result of appetite suppression or prevention of fat absorption. It is purely a result of Moringa nutritional content which includes vitamins, minerals and fiber. This enables it to meet your body’s nutritional requirements, naturally curbing cravings and providing energy to help you maintain a healthy and active lifestyle.

And yet more recent research is suggesting there may be more to the story!

Is Science Uncovering More to the Story?

In 2015 Rutgers University published a research paper with some exciting information!

Moringa concentrate (MC), made from Moringa leaves and water was found to contain unique and chemically stable Moringa Isothiocyanates (MICs). These MICs proved to have many benefits when given to mice that were fed a high-fat diet.

When compared to the control group benefits from these unique MICs included:

  • Significantly less (~25%) weight gain over the 3-month study with no adverse effects
  • Lower fat accumulations and greater lean mass as a percentage of body weight
  • Lower blood glucose levels and faster return to fasting levels
  • No appearance of fatty liver disease vs. control group which showed appearances

The paper concluded the study by stating:

Data suggest that MICs are the main anti-obesity and anti-diabetic bioactives of MC, and that they exert their effects by inhibiting rate-limiting steps in liver gluconeogenesis resulting in direct or indirect increase in insulin signaling and sensitivity. These conclusions suggest that MC may be an effective dietary food for the prevention and treatment of obesity and type 2 diabetes

While the studies were done using Moringa concentrate made with water and Moringa leaves, Moringa powder also contains MICs although not in as high of concentration as they can be destroyed by the drying process. If you have access to fresh leaves, these are always your best option! If not consider growing your own Moringa trees! Otherwise, be sure to start incorporating Moringa in your diet every day!

Conclusion: In this study, it was determined that Moringa concentrate contained powerful, unique and beneficial MIC’s. Due to theses MICs, Moringa showed signs that it could indeed be used for the prevention and treatment of obesity and type 2 diabetes! Wow!

Moringa Weight Loss Reviews

What about the thousands upon thousands of Moringa users. Are they experiencing weight loss using Moringa or are benefits of Moringa just hype?

Searching the web for Moringa weight loss reviews I have compiled the following anecdotal information. Hopefully, it will be helpful.

Moringa Powder Weight Loss

After searching 2,171 reviews online for Moringa powder (2019) here is what I found. Only 1.2% of Moringa powder reviews even mention the subject! This means 25 out of 2,171 reviews mentioned it. That sure isn’t much for Moringa weight loss testimonials! 

Out of the 25 reviews that mentioned weight loss in their review, people were divided as follows:

  • 8x mentioned yes, they feel Moringa powder is helping them to lose weight
  • 15x mentioned they weren’t sure
  • 2x mentioned they didn’t see any change in weight at all.

When a potential buyer asked: Has anyone lost weight using Moringa powder? Here is what the weight loss stories were:

  • I personally have not, but I would say I feel like I have more energy.
  • I honestly did not weigh myself while taking this product, but I can tell you that my energy levels were so much better!
  • Don’t know about weight loss. I use it along with other supplements for overall wellness. Hope this helps
  • Weight loss wasn’t my goal when I began taking Moringa at nighttime. It’s a superfood and part of an overall lifestyle change that I, and my personal trainer, planned.
  • No!
  • This product is not specifically used for weight loss, but it can aid in it. It is a great digestive aid when used in moderation, and would be a great compliment to a diet or exercise routine. However, alone it is not going to help facilitate weight loss as green tea would.

Share your Story with Us!

So are benefits of moringa just hype or have you personally seen results of weight loss when consuming Moringa? We would love to hear from you and feature your weight-loss testimonial on our blog! Seriously, send us your story and we will feature you here.


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9 thoughts on “Moringa Weight Loss Testimonials: Help or Hype?”

  1. Will zija xm3 capsules really help increase weight loss. Moringa weight loss teas pills and powders have become a popular all natural remedy.

  2. I’ve been taking moringa for two months. I keep my extra 8 pounds off and it takes my inflammation completely out of my body. Gives me energy it’s a anti aging supplement and it lowers blood pressure and cholesterol and it’s a super green. It detoxifys your body. It’s the most amazing pill I’ve ever taken. I get the omg brand and buy empty capsules I take four every morning all together and in thirty min my arthritis completely gone.

  3. Hi
    I started taking moringa 4 days back. I had insomnia for more than 5 years and ever since I started taking moringa powder, I sleep very well and I’ve been sleeping from the first day when I started taking moringa.

    1. Gloria,
      Good question. I would try in the AM if you suffer from insomnia. I generally take Moringa just before bed and have no issues but I would think the AM would be safest for you. Try and let us know if the AM or PM works better for you. Would love hear your experience.

  4. I started using moringa before a couple of months ago and the result is quite nice, I was using matcha for over a year but moringa provide far better results than matcha or even chia when you like to lose weight.But I think result could varies from person to person.

  5. Really appreciate the video on moringa capsules and the comparison on different products. Just started taking some caps a few days ago and really notice the diff in energy and alertness. However I do not have a gallbladder and get indigestion. Even though I take diges,tive enzymes. But I sure like the effects of Moringa so will seewh at happens!
    Would love to try your product.

  6. Hi Mark,
    I just wanted to let you know what taking Moringa has done for me. I’ve been taking 2 capsules in the am. And, 2 in the late afternoon. To be honest with you. I didn’t think it was helping. Then I stopped taking it. After 4 days of not taking moringa, my knees began to hurt again. I have advanced arthritis in both knees. And no cartilage left in either knee. After not taking moringa. My knees began to hurt. More with each day. Then I realized, that it began after stopping the moringa. So. I began to take the capsules again. My knees are slowly getting better. Much less pain now. Thank you!

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