Herbal Teas that Boost Health

Herbal Teas that Boost Health

How many health-boosting herbal teas can you name? My guess is quite a few but perhaps you aren’t that familiar with Moringa tea yet. The article linked to at the bottom of this page provides a brief overview of the health benefits of ginger tea, hibiscus tea, lemongrass tea, mistletoe tea, bitter leaf tea and, our personal favorite, Moringa tea.

Herbal teas are made from fresh or dried plant parts and hot or boiling water. During the steeping process, the hot water extracts many nutrients from the plant leaves, flowers, bark etc… A wide range of health benefits has been observed by those that take the time to learn about and utilize herbal teas. Moringa tea is most often made from dried and crushed Moringa leaves.

The article states:

“People who drink moringa tea report a pleasant boost in energy and mental clarity after consuming a single cup. Women find that Moringa tea helps with cramps and bloating during their menstrual cycles, and men report increased levels of stamina during their working days.”

We find these results in keeping with our own experiences and feedback from our customers.

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From the full article see: How herbal teas boost good health

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