Chickens Eating Moringa Leaves

Chickens Eating Moringa Leaves

People often ask if chickens will eat fresh Moringa leaves. While I have heard mixed reports on chickens eating Moringa, the video below seems to answers the question clearly! Moringa is good for people and good for animals! If you have any experience feeding your chickens Moringa leaves we would love to hear about it! Please comment below.

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Moringa leaves finished less than 1 minute. @Natural Tropical Farm in Raub, Malaysia Chickens love moringa

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20 thoughts on “Chickens Eating Moringa Leaves”


    It’s a great discovery.I communicate to my Church members and beyond f that we use Moringa to use it in order to increase on our income.

  2. I have 8 5 week old chicks and just introduced Moringa to them last week. Wow! They devoured the dry crushed leaves in minutes. I have 7 Moringa trees in my yard. I hope they don’t mind sharing a bit with me. 😍😀

  3. I give my excess eggs to a neighbour and she keeps saying that the eggs are getting larger – only thing that has changed is that when I prune the Moringa trees, I throw the branches and leaves to the chickens and they eat the leaves the minute they touch the ground – I knew it would be good for them but didn’t realize that their eggs would get larger and that their feathers would shine!!!

  4. I started broiler poultry business in August 2020 and since then I always add moringa leaves to their meals. Guess what, their growth has been overwhelming that fellow farmers kept wondering why my birds grow so fast and so big at such a short space of time. Moringa is indeed the best way to go.

  5. I know moringa leaves, and I have been giving my chickens moringa but I didn’t observe and know the changes I see in their production and meat is from the leaves until I read and started observing. Thank you for sharing.

    1. Please can i squeeze morninga leaves inside my chickens water everyday or twice in a week. I heared that it serves as multivitamin to birds.

  6. I tried to add Moringa powder to chicken feed as a food supplement. The response was overwhelming because they started laying very large brown eggs. It is a wonderful arrangement of nature.

    1. Veronica Noxolo Vundle

      [email protected]. I can be glad to know how to give my chicken moringa powder as I’m UNEMPLOYED and a widow so as to sell eggs I’m so desperate to know even how to plant it for living on this bussines I’m about to start.

  7. I have been feeding M. Oliefero leaves to my chickens for 3 years and their egg size does indeed seem to improve. they really attack it when I bring it to their run. my current flock of 8 RIR pullets love it. I am hoping it might shorten the wait for their first eggs. they are now 4 months old.

  8. I have moringa trees in my garden, just because i knew the leaves to be nutritious and good for human consumption, i decided to feed my turkies and chicken with the fresh moringa leaves. Guess what, is as if they have long been waiting for it, is an understatement to say the like it

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