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Intensive Moringa Planting

Day 45 Update – Intensive Moringa Cultivation

It’s been 30 days since the last update.  Today I’ll share with you germination rates from the 2nd planting as well as plant height and stem diameters as measured on day 27 after planting Moringa oleifera seed.…
Intensive Moringa Planting

Moringa Seed Germination Results – Intensive Moringa Cultivation

Moringa Seed Germination Results The results from the first Moringa seed germination test are in and, to say the least, we are very surprised!  The germination rates of both the control group and the hydroprimed seeds that we planted were certainly different than anticipated.…
Intensive Moringa Planting

Day 16 Update – Intensive Moringa Cultivation

How are the moringa seedlings in the ‘Intensive Moringa Cultivation’ doing?  Watch this video to see how things look 16 days after planting.…
Intensive Moringa Planting

Day 6 Update – Intensive Moringa Cultivation

It’s been 6 days since the ‘Intensive Moringa Cultivation’ was planted.  This video gives you an inside look at what’s happening. This is the 2nd video in a series regarding an ‘Intensive Moringa Cultivation’.  This short video shares a method used to track which day the Moringa seedlings emerged and the air and soil temperatures during germination.…
Mark Reese

Planting – Intensive Moringa Cultivation

This is the first video in a series regarding an ‘Intensive Moringa Cultivation’. This video describes the layout and irrigation for the ‘Intensive Moringa Cultivation’ as well as the environmental conditions at the time of planting Moringa seeds.…