Intensive Moringa Planting

Day 6 Update – Intensive Moringa Cultivation

It’s been 6 days since the ‘Intensive Moringa Cultivation’ was planted.  This video gives you an inside look at what’s happening.

This is the 2nd video in a series regarding an ‘Intensive Moringa Cultivation’.  This short video shares a method used to track which day the Moringa seedlings emerged and the air and soil temperatures during germination.


We’re here at the raised bed with the intensive Moringa planting. It’s been six days since we’ve sown the Moringa oleifera seeds and I just wanted to give you an update on what we’re seeing in this bed. So it took five days before we saw our first seedling emerge and now the count by the end of day six is up to twenty four seedlings. In order to keep track of which seeds have emerged on which day, we’re using eight different colored elastic bands. Uh, and to do that, for instance, on day six, today, all seedlings that emerged have been given an orange elastic band. Tomorrow all seedlings that emerge will get a blue elastic band. And we want to just keep from double counting, and we want to be able to look at this bed and see which seeds have germinated on which day.
Obviously critical to the germination time and time for these seedlings to emerge is the temperature of the soil, so we’ve been monitoring the temperature of the soil. And over this last, uh, six days we’ve see night time lows as low as forty eight degrees and day time highs as high as a hundred and three degrees. But on average we’re down to low fifties at night and high nineties during the day and I do want to point out we have been using the row covers both during the day and night. Uh, obviously in a different location under different temperatures your seedling germination rate and time to emergence may, uh, vary significantly.
Now one other thing we’re excited to see, is the, uh, difference between the control group of seeds that we’ve planted and the seeds that were hydro-primed. So remember, in addition to seeing like leaf yield in this bed, we’re also wanting to see the difference between our two types of seed treatments when it comes to germination rate and when it comes to the time for emergence of the seedlings. So to see those results and future, uh, updates on this project please see our website at Thanks for watching.

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