Moringa Leaf Production

Moringa Leaf Production

Moringa Leaf Production

Moringa Leaf Production

If you plant Moringa trees for Moringa leaf production here is an example of what you can expect. These Moringa trees were planted from seed early July. The video was taken 3.5 months later in the middle of October and shows just how quickly Moringa oleifera can grow. Trees are on drip irragation as they are planted in an intensive plot.

This intensive plot of Moringa was prepared by digging about 1.5 feet deep to loosen the ground and mix in composted cow manure.

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3 thoughts on “Moringa Leaf Production”

  1. Aloha!
    I live on Kauai, and a friend gave me a moringa cutting in a pot about 6 months ago. I planted it in a raised bed (temporarily) and now it’s almost 5 ft. tall. I pruned off the top a bit to encourage it to widen, and I’m going to plant it near the house, I wonder if 4 feet away from the house is enough? I don’t know how wide the root system gets.

    1. Hi Wendy, Hawaii is an excellent place to grow Moringa so glad you are finding success! Moringa has a tap root which does not require a large footprint. Happy Growing!

  2. Hello I live in the high desert and I planted moringa but they not be able to survive the winter and only one of the is been growing for this year and actually blooming now.

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