Month 6 Update – Intensive Moringa Cultivation

The Moringa seedlings in the Intensive Moringa Cultivation have grown up! Watch to see the trees grow, flower and produce seed pods. Also hear about some challenges and solutions dealing with pests.

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2 thoughts on “Month 6 Update – Intensive Moringa Cultivation”

  1. Hi Mark,

    Cool website and thanks for sharing your growing techniques and experiences. I live in San Jose, CA and want to do intensive planting in my small back yard with a 3’x15′ space with full sun. I wonder if topping the Moringa periodically would hurt production while allowing me to manage the size so they are not overgrown in my limited space. Thinking of a Moringa hedge and hope it will increase leaf density? My goal is to produce leaves for eating and powder. Would you suggest that it would be better to replant yearly or keep the trunk planted for multiple years. We get frost periodically so I suspect that I will have to replant yearly so it will be interesting to see if it survives. Thanks for your thoughts. James E

    1. James, don’t be afraid to top or prune whenever needed. Yes, frost will kill green growth. You may be able to cut the trees back at the end of the season and put some hay bales and even black plastic over the hay bales to keep the ground and cut back stems from the colder temps. It would be worth a try! Let me know how you make out.

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