Intensive Moringa Planting

Moringa Seed Germination Results – Intensive Moringa Cultivation

Moringa Seed Germination Results

The results from the first Moringa seed germination test are in and, to say the least, we are very surprised!  The germination rates of both the control group and the hydroprimed seeds that we planted were certainly different than anticipated.

In this test a total 282 seeds were planted: 196 hydroprimed seeds and 86 control group (unaltered) seeds.  The chart below shows a birds eye view of the 16 foot x 4 foot raised bed where the moringa germination test was conducted.  Seeds were planted on grids ranging from a 4 inch grid in ‘Section 1’ to a 7 inch grid in ‘Section 4’.  Each section had both hydroprimed seeds and control group seeds planted in it as shown below.

Planting Location for Different Seed Types

Every day the seedlings that emerged were marked by placing a colored band around them.  The first seedling emerged on day 5 after planting and was marked with a red band.

IMC 2 Still

For a day by day overview of moringa seedling emergence times click through the slideshow below.  In addition to showing the location and day that seedlings emerged two charts are shown. The first chart (lower left) shows the number of seedlings that emerged each day. The second chart (lower right) shows the total germination rate at the end of each day.

[tribulant_slideshow gallery_id=”1″]

At the end of the test 190 seedlings emerged out of the total 282 seeds that were planted. This translates into an overall germination rate of 67%.  What was surprising to us was that 76 of the 86 control group seeds germinated!  That’s an astonishing 88% germination rate!  Equally surprising only 114 seedlings emerged out the 196 hydroprimed seeds that were planted.  That translates into a relatively poor 58% germination rate.

Raised Bed Germination Results.001

We have identified a few reasons as to why the hydroprimed seeds performed so poorly. You can read about the conclusions here. However, with such a high germination rate for the control group of seeds it seems of little value to hydroprime moringa seeds.

If you have seen results different from those posted here or have any questions please comment on this post below.


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