Moringa Seed Pods (Drumsticks)

Moringa Seed Pods (Drumsticks) in First Year of Planting!

Moringa Seed Pods (Drumsticks) in First Year of Planting!

Did you know¬†it’s possible to harvest¬†Moringa seed pods (drumsticks) in the first year of¬†growing Moringa? This won’t be possible for all climates, but the¬†quick tips below will help you increase your success rate.

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1.  For Moringa Seed Pods Plant PKM1 seeds

You MUST plant PKM1 seeds if you want Moringa seed pods in the first year of planting. The PKM1 hybrid variety of Moringa seeds were developed at Periyakulam Horticultural College and Research Institute, Tamil Nadu. They give the largest yields of fresh leaves and seed pods in the shortest period of time. Expect flowers to come 90-100 days after planting with seed pods reaching edible maturity 65 days after flowering.

2. For Moringa Seed Pods Plant seeds by March/April

Plant seeds outside if you are past your last frost date by March/April. If your last frost date is later in the year, then¬†plant your Moringa indoors and transplant after your last frost.¬†This mini hot house with heat mat¬†works great to start Moringa trees. Your trees should be okay in the mini hot house for approximately 3-4 weeks before needing to be transplanted. We have had success using both soil and soil-less growing medium. When it comes time to transplant, it’s easier to transplant the soil-less growing medium without damaging the fragile tap root. We have experienced the best results using¬†General Hydroponics “Rapid Rooter” plugs.

Your Moringa seedlings won’t grow much at all though the spring when the weather is cool, but the clock to maturing and being able to produce flowers has started to tick. When the warm weather comes and the Moringa starts to rapidly grow, you will have a head start on being able to produce flowers and then seed pods (drumsticks).

With this early planting strategy, don’t expect flowers 90-100 days after planting; but the good news is you won’t have to wait 90-100 days after the warm weather comes either. Using this technique, we are able to see our Moringa start to flower in early August with Moringa seed pods starting to grow by the end of August.

Typically, we wouldn’t have planted Moringa outside until middle to late June. If we waited until late June when the temperatures are ideal for Moringa, we would have been waiting till September before we saw out first flowers.

See video below for an example of the Moringa seed pod production in the first year of planting.

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Transcript of Moringa Seed Pods (Drumsticks) in First Year of Planting!

I know a lot of people are wanting to grow Moringa trees for Moringa seed pods, and a number of people are having to wait multiple years. They’re seeing flowers on their trees maybe in the first year of planting, but they’re not seeing seed pod production until their trees are several years old.

I wanted to show you what is possible in a single growing season. This is over 60 seed pods. It was from a single tree I planted earlier this year; but the key is that I planted PKM1 seeds, and these seeds will produce flowers and produce seed pods in the first year of planting much faster than the standard Moringa seeds.

This Moringa tree when we cut it down was 13 1/2 feet tall. It was planted from seeds earlier this year; and it was grown in an intensive cultivation, meaning these trees were planted on a 7 inch grid–so honestly, without pruning it and planting it so close to a number of trees, I wasn’t expecting it to produce any seed pods, and yet this tree was extremely productive.

You can see it lost a lot of its leaves It doesn’t look like it has a thick canopy, and it did that really when it started into its production of seed pods. We’re in the second week of December and just cut this tree down. Wanted to give you an idea of what’s possible, and I would encourage you if you’re wanting seed pod production to go ahead and plant the Moringa PKM1 seeds. You should see a tremendous difference over the standard seeds you may have planted in the past.

Again, thanks for watching and check out the website for more information at

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5 thoughts on “Moringa Seed Pods (Drumsticks) in First Year of Planting!”

  1. Hello
    As you recommended I started the plants in pots. I have many flowers but no fruit is setting. Any advice would be appreciated.
    Thank you

  2. At the end of the season, do I cut the entire tree or just the limbs or just leave natural. i am wanting pods and leaves for salads. i am very interested in the trees. my first year i had 13 ft trees by September and i harvested and dried the leaves. flood waters destroyed the trees. The second year was a drought in Houston and the trees done no good. This is my third year and i am wanting good luck this year
    thank you

    1. Great Question. The PKM1 seeds will be very productive for 3 or 4 years after which they will peak and start to experience some decline in production. That being said they will continue to produce for many many years and unless your are operating a commercial farm and trying to get the absolute maximum production you will not need to replant.

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