Moringa Oleifera: Superfood of Super Hype

Moringa Oleifera: Superfood or Super Hype? (Introduction)

Moringa a Superfood?

Moringa oleifera may very well deserve the title of “The most acclaimed Plant on the Planet!”  When searching online about Moringa, claims readily show up such as: “Moringa has 17 times the calcium of milk”, “Moringa is known to prevent and treat over 300 diseases”, and “Moringa Oleifera is a miracle weight loss supplement”.  Often the claims seem fantastic and rarely are they backed with any real documentation.

Over the next few months, I will be posting a series of articles about Moringa oleifera entitled “Moringa Oleifera: Superfood or Super Hype?”.  The goal of this series is to provide a strong foundation for people to discern fact from fiction while presenting reliable, relevant, and actionable information.  I would also like this series to provide a forum where people can ask relevant questions and share relevant information.

To be clear, I have been educated as a mechanical engineer not a doctor or nutritionist.  Part of that education, however, included working as a research assistant while attending graduate school.  After the completion of my M.S. in mechanical engineering, I continued working as a research associate at the Hawaii Natural Energy Institute.  During that time, I was able to publish several journal articles from my research.  While the subject matter here is completely different, I will use the same level of rigor and scrutiny when it comes to Moringa.

Since I began researching Moringa in the spring of 2014, I’ve collected nearly 150 journal articles, talked to people from around the world growing or using Moringa, and planted thousands of Moringa trees myself.  Having said that I definitely am still learning more about Moringa every day!  I invite you to join me in this series as we explore this incredible tree together.

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  1. Rameshchandra joshi

    Moringa- the Majic tree. It is a great donor to all living entity.As a food,as a medicines,beautifyer and as vegetables and as a fodder it is a wonderful plant.

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