Moringa Seed Type: Why Seed Type Matters!

Moringa seed type matters!

Moringa Seed Type: Why Seed Type Matters!

Are all Moringa seed types the same? Does it really matter what Moringa seed type you plant? If you are interested in enjoying the seed pods it sure does! Watch this video to see a comparison of standard vs. PKM1 seed types.

The PKM1 trees not only flower and go to seed earlier but they also have higher leaf production.

This group of three trees was planted from standard Moringa seeds. Here’s another group of 4 trees that were planted from the standard Moringa seeds. None of these trees have gone, well some of them have flowered, very few. But no seed pods coming from them at all. Behind them and in this next bed, you’re going to see flowers and seed pods and these trees and this bed were planted about a month and a half after the trees I just showed you. Yet they have already flowered and produced tremendous amount of seed pods.
These trees were planted from the PKM1 seed. It makes a very big difference in the time to get your flowers and your seed pods from the trees. If you’re interested in planting Moringa seeds and enjoying the seed pods, order the PKM1 seeds, both the standard Moringa oleifera seeds and the PKM1 seeds are available in the online store. And if you plant the PKM1 seeds at the start of your growing season, if you have 4 months or so of growing season. You’ll see these seed pods growing on your trees.

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