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Healthy LEAF CBD – Info and Contact Number

Healthy LEAF CBD (This isn’t a product we sell or recommend – Read on for more)

Since February of 2017, we have been receiving and fielding increasing numbers of phone calls and emails regarding Healthy LEAF CBD.

Most of the people that call us about Healthy LEAF CBD seem upset about one of the following two reasons:

1) Unexpected charges / Subscriptions

2) Claims that Healthy LEAF CBD has caused sickness, hives, insomnia or simply does nothing.

In either case, the callers are understandably unhappy with Healthy LEAF CBD product, and they are looking to cancel whatever subscription they now find themselves on and to receive a refund of their hard earned money.

Please note, I have NEVER had someone call me with a good report or stating they would like to reorder!

How We Got Caught Up With Healthy LEAF

Apparently, Healthy LEAF CBD (See screenshot above taken from labels contain no company name or contact info on it. It also appears that email receipts and shipping papers provide no valid contact info or even tracking number.

The only information people have and therefore use to search for the company where they purchased is ….the name of the product: Healthy LEAF.

When people search for Healthy Leaf in Google the top of the search is “A Healthy Leaf” – the website you are on right now.

We (A Healthy Leaf) Do NOT sell “Healthy LEAF“!

While the product name of the CBD capsules (Healthy LEAF) is very similar to our business name (A Healthy Leaf), the similarities end there. I can only assume the company that sells “Healthy LEAF” can not stand behind there product as they have no presence online.  They have done a good job of being illusive and remaining anonymous.

Moringa Capsules We (A Healthy Leaf) Sell:

Best Moringa Capsules Organic Moringa Capsules

Here are a few things about Us (A Healthy Leaf):

  1. We are devoted to selling high quality Moringa products – not Marijuana or CBD products.
  2. We have never sent out mass emails with using claims that Morgan Freeman, Jennifer Aniston or Whoopi Goldberg promote our products.
  3. We have a very high customer satisfaction and retention level with our Moringa products!
  4. We do not offer free trials that end in subscription enrollment.

Healthy LEAF Contact Information

Some “Healthy LEAF” customers have gone through the inconvenience of calling their credit card company to locate a number associated with their subscription charges. We appreciate them calling us back to provide a working number to in turn pass on to other “Healthy LEAF” customers who would like to call “Healthy LEAF” to cancel their subscription.

As of May 2017 a working number appears to be 855-354-5777.  We will try to update again if this number stops working.

While we would have preferred to not have written this page, but the sheer volume of people who have mistakenly contacted our company concerning the”Healthy Leaf CBD” product has mandated this.  If you have been taken advantage of by this company, we are sorry to hear it. We hope the information provided will be of service to you to bring a satisfactory conclusion.

An Invitation to Learn About Moringa – A Healthy Leaf

Should you be interested, we invite you to educate yourself on Moringa. Our business is called A Healthy Leaf which refers to the leaves of the Moringa tree.

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If you would like to talk in person about Moringa or still have additional questions about “Healthy LEAF” please call us at 858-375-6340 or email [email protected]

-Mark Reese (Founder of A Healthy Leaf)

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31 thoughts on “Healthy LEAF CBD – Info and Contact Number”

  1. Thank you for all the info, I called the (855) 354-5777. I was on hold for around 20 minutes, I figured they weren’t going to answer. They knew I was pissed, they said they would cancel my subscription I asked like when you did 6 months ago. I wasn’t refunded all of it, I did get half the money though. These people will keep doing what they are.

  2. thank you for the info on the company that is being confused with yours we have had the same experience we contacted the credit card company and found out this particular company put a charge on us back in June this has been cleared up

  3. I just called and successfully (I hope) cancelled a subscription. They refused to provide me with a customer service contact number or website when I requested. They also refused to accept a return of the last shipment, where they changed the product from capsule to liquid form and charged the same amount. Do I just stop payment to them so this no longer is charged to me?

    Lack of customer information and refusal to provide basic consumer information must violate better business bureau standards. Has anyone filed a complaint?

  4. I found a little more information regarding these scammers that everyone is talking about. Their new website is called: I did get someone to answer at 2 AM Arizona time, which would be 9 AM in Iceland. He sounded baked on marijuana and I could hear people laughing in the background. When I called, he immediately asked for my zip code and name. I gave him my first name and zip code, within 30 to 45 seconds into the call, he knew my last name. My number is cloned to my office line that shows up as a business name and phone number.
    From one of their receipts from [email protected], the header traces to Iceland. These people are a major scam. Another receipt that was used came from an email: [email protected]. I deleted this before I knew I was going to need to deal with a credit card dispute. I’m sure it also came from Iceland.

  5. I have another phone number for my CBS oil. 425.292.5342.

    When I disputed my credit card, they used a website that sells weight loss supplements.

  6. I got a working number and I think it is the same place everyone is complaining about (not 100% sure). My bottles say ‘Healthy Leaf’ and when I asked that question apparently it is now changed to Rapid Release….. something…. Did ask for a refund….FORGET IT! NOT happening!! I believe I am out almost $1000.00!! Anyway, here is the number…1-425-292-5246. GOOD LUCK!!

  7. Glad you posted your problem. I will be sending a copy to Capital One to dispute charges from health leaf. Better Business Bureau has the company operating under different names:\
    Healthy Leaf, TCL Healty Choice, GTL Bestwellness, TR Healthest Gummies and CBD.
    They use a UPS mailbox in Tampa Fl. also have a office in NV. BBB has Anthony Read as owner and Michael Targon as sales rep. Once they get your credit card number they use it with all the companies. Scam – Scam -Scam. Capital One should drop these companies and
    not except their claims.

    1. I had my credit card cancelled and a new one reissued with a different number so hopefully they can’t charge me again.

  8. I’ve tried this number today. I’ve had the same issue. I was on hold for 30 minutes and no one ever picked up.

  9. I tried to call and cancel, after realizing I was being charges for something I did NOT want. The past 3 months I have been charge 87.21. This company is a fraud, what SCUMS

    1. Just a reminder that if anyone gets a working phone number for this company please leave it in the comments and I’ll update this page so everyone can be helped.

  10. Thank you “A healthy leaf” for trying to solve all our troubles with this other bogus company selling CBD capsules. The are not answering at this date: 7-11-2017. I ordered this “trial bottle” for a friend not for me. Serves me right for helping a friend using my credit card!! Although I will try again I will change all my credit cards to stop this.

  11. Got a bottle of Healthy Leaf today which i did not order.there was no mention of auto ship they charged me 80.00$ thats w/ shipping. never use this product again.i only hope i can get my money back.

  12. Gail Christmas

    I am saddened by this business practice. I had tried calling back in June, writing you, emailing you, and I even spoke to a rude Rep on June 15th and told him to cancel and that I wanted my money back because I had a bad reaction, but, not only was I charged in June $87.21, I was JUST charged again July 10th of $87.21. Please refund my money I cannot take this product nor have I received anymore since the trial sample. There was no info with the bottle telling you where to call so I wrote a letter in June and still no response.

    1. Gail,

      I am sorry to hear of all your troubles. Just want to reiterate that the company you are trying to reach is not us. We don’t sell “Healthy Leaf” CBD oil products nor do we in any way recommend them. We have been confused for them by many customers like yourself as our business name is “A Healthy Leaf”. We specialize in Maringa products only. I would recommend calling your credit card company and asking for the phone number associated with your charge. They should be able to give you that and hopefully you can call the correct company and get things resolved.

      1. I tried to cancel and on phone for 1/2 hr. The I got disconnected. I disputed it with my credit card, today and they are on it. What a bunch of scums, taking advantage of people like that.

  13. I found your website and thought I was ordering a sample bottle of Gummies and recieved $277.00 worth!I want to send this product back and have all fees disposed of!

    1. Sheree,

      Sounds like you have had the same experience as many others who have contacted me. I’m sorry to hear it. I just wanted to let you know again that we don’t sell or recommend the product you bought. Please try the phone number that is posted on this page to contact the company you got the sample from. I hope you can get it sorted out!

  14. i called the number you provided and was successful in getting my subscription cancelled. weird thing is that, since i had consumed my “free” sample and the 14 days in which i could cancel initially had passed, THEY CHARGED ME FOR THE “FREE” BOTTLE! And the cost was 87.21. For 30 10mg capsules! Incredible. Thanks so much for providing the number.

    1. I was charged 49.00 for trial bottle and read all the small print and found nothing about recurring charges. I tried this number today and was put on voicemail which was full. Will try during non holiday business hours or I will have to deal with credit card company

  15. Thanks for the contact info!! As you mentioned,on the bottle of the “free trial” offer,which includes recurring monthly orders,which is NOT mentioned,there is no contact info,nor is there on their website..totally shady.Red flags all over the place!!Thank goodness you posted this site with their info to call and cancel the recurring order thing.

  16. I called the number you have online its still a working number. They gave me a conformation number and said my subscription will be canceled. They told me not to send it back. I will contact my credit card company to make sure. This all happened today June 2,2017

    1. I was also given a confirmation number, I asked them if they were going to start charging me again after another 6 months. Today is 9/25/2017, I suggest everyone should tell them what they think of their services.

  17. I would like to thank you for helping me. I called the number you gave me and after a few hang ups they looked up my name and said for me to ship it back for a refund. Also I never even opened the bottles so I should get all of my money back.. Will see what happens. Thank you again

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